Featuring in the The Oxford Handbook of Happiness

 The Oxford Handbook of Happiness saw printer’s ink last month. A voluminous 1097 page desk-book comprising 79 chapters by 121 contributors, it includes two chapters on Buddhist views. One is authored by the illustrious Venerable Matthieu Ricard and the other one (chapter 28) “Relational Buddhism: An integrative psychology of happiness amidst existential suffering” is written by lucky me.

Dear Dr. Kwee

I am pleased to inform you that the Psychology Progress team has identified your recent publication, Relational Buddhism: Wedding K.J. Gergen’s Relational Being and Buddhism to Create Harmony In-Between-Selves as being of special interest to the progress in the Psychology field. We would like to list your publication on our next edition of the Psychology Progress series.

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New Mexico, USA: The Collaborative Practice of Buddhist Psychotherapy

April 10, 2013 Presenter: Maurits Kwee (Taos, New Mexico, USA)

Participants are invited to discover Buddhist Psychotherapy in the framework of Relational Buddhism which is aka “Karma Transformation”. This approach aims at changing self-conversation, one’s self-talk and other-talk, debouching in disturbing moods and scenarios of interpersonal emotional expression. The emphasis is on transforming intentional action, i.e. karmic self-dialogue, which is viewed as interdependently related to motives, feelings, and “relational being”. The workshop will cover and explain a number of pan-Buddhist psychological core concepts and analogous cognitive-behavioral terms for an adequate understanding of the skillful art of zeroing in to clients’ issues.

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