Recent Publications

Recent Publications


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2. Kwee, M.G.T. (Ed.).(2010). New horizons in Buddhist Psychology: Relational Buddhism for collaborative practitioners. Taos Institute Publications, U.S.A.
3. Kwee, G.T.M. (2013). Psychotherapy by Karma Transformation. Taos Institute: WorldShare Books (downloadable free-of-charge).

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Kwee, G.T.M. (2013). Relational Buddhism: An integrative psychology of happiness amidst existential suffering. In David, S.A., Boniwell, I., & Conley Ayers, A. (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of happiness (pp.357-370). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2013 HBP

M. G. T. Kwee, K. J. Gergen, & F. Koshikawa (Eds).(2006). Horizons in Buddhist Psychology: Practice, Research & Theory (Featuring a dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Aaron T. Beck). Chagrin Falls, OH: Taos Institute Publications.
Table Of Contents
Preface by Yutaka Haruki
Foreword by Jan Beskow & Astrid Palm Beskow
Foreword by Michael J. Mahoney
General Introduction Toward A New Buddhist Psychology
Chapter 1 Himalaya Buddhism Meets Cognitive Therapy: The Dalai Lama And Aaron T. Beck In Dialogue Narrated by Marja Taams & Maurits Kwee

Part I Practices For Well-being
Chapter 2 Buddhist Psychology: Theravada Theory And Practice – Padmal de Silva
Chapter 3 Mindfulness, Compassion, And Wisdom: Working With Anger – Peter Bankart
Chapter 4 A Middle Way: Meditation In The Treatment Of Compulsive Eatin – Jean Kristeller & James Jones
Chapter 5 Beyond Mindfulness And Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Dennis Tirch & Richard Amodio
Chapter 6 Zen Meditation As A Source For Therapeutic Practice – Herman Kief
Chapter 7 Emotion In Buddhist And Rational Emotive Behavior Practices – Paul Soons
Chapter 8 Buddhist Psychology And Defensive Conditioning – Adeline van Waning
Chapter 9 Body Awareness And Cognitive/Emotional Functioning – Noriko Kubota

Part II Horizons Of Research
Chapter 10 Zen Buddhism And Psychology: Some Experimental Findings – Fusako Koshikawa & Yasutomo Ishii
Chapter 11 Shikanho: A Zen Based Cognitive-Behavioral Approach – Fusako Koshikawa, Ayako Kuboki & Yasutomo Ishii
Chapter 12 Mindfulness And Health Intervention – Michael de Vibe
Chapter 13 Mindfulness And Its Challenge To Cognitive-Behavioral Practice – Fabio Giommi
Chapter 14 The Influence Of Mindfulness/Zazen On Depression – Yoshinori Ito, Rieko Katsukura & Kaneo Nedate
Chapter 15 Awareness In Autobiographical Memory: A Japanese Measure – Rieko Katsukura, Yoshinori Ito & Kaneo Nedate
Chapter 16 Personality Correlates Of Mindfulness – Yoshinori Sugiura
Chapter 17 Chan-Based Sensory Awareness And Managerial Functioning – Michael Tophoff
Chapter 18 Inner Paths In Outer Settings: A Wellbeing Tourist Program – Miguel Quintana
Chapter 19 Long-term Benefits Of Spiritual And Therapeutic Strategies – Jane Henry

Part III Expanding Theoretical Horizons
Chapter 20 If You Meet Social Construction Along The Road: A Dialogue With Buddhism – Kenneth Gergen & Dian Marie Hosking
Chapter 21 Augmenting Cognitive-Behavior Therapy With Buddhist Psychology – Belinda Khong
Chapter 22 The Abhidhamma Model Of Consciousness And Its Consequences – Henk Barendregt
Chapter 23 The Eight Sacred Paths And Anger Management In Japanese Youth – Rika Kawano & Masao Suzuki
Chapter 24 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy And Embodied Cognition – Mark Williams & Danielle Duggan
Chapter 25 Conjoining Paradigms: A Dissolution-Oriented Approach To Psychotherapy – Genji Sugamura & Scott Warren
Chapter 26 Lose Thy Mind And Come To Thy Senses: Adaptive De-construction – Michael DelMonte
Chapter 27 Navayana And Upaya: The Buddhist Dharma As A “New” Medicine – Paul van der Velde

Part IV The Horizon Of Integration
Chapter 28 A New Buddhist Psychology: Moving Beyond Theravada And Mahayana – Maurits Kwee & Marja Taams
Reference List

Title Buddhist psychology in the workplace: A relational perspective
Author Marques, J.F.; Dhiman, S.K.
Thesis advisor Rijsman, J.B.; Kwee, M.G.T.
Date 2011
Type doctoral thesis
Publisher PrismaPrint
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:12-5051430
Metadata XML
Repository Tilburg University

Tilburg University

This dissertation is downloadable via this link:

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