Relational Buddhism goes to Mexico…

Enriching Collaborative Practices Across Cultural Borders: Constructing Alternatives in Psychotherapy, Education, Community and Organization Development, and Research Practices

March 20 – 23, 2012
Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, Villa Mercedes
Mérida, Yucatán, México

We live in a time when national and cultural boundaries are dissolving. This continuous movement of meanings, traditions, people and practices comes with both challenges and opportunities. With an appreciation of the multiple constructions of realities and values, and a belief that collaboration is our major means of moving forward together, conference participants will both share and create enriching practices in diverse professional arenas.

Woven into the conference activities will be an exploration of the Mayan world, as one of the many indigenous/ancestral/cultural traditions that are alive in the world today. The conference theme connects with a new cycle of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era. This moment in history calls for an exploration of the ways we relate to each other, to the knowledge of our ancestors, and to nature. Come join us on this journey.

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To inter-be

To act is to inter-act and to be is to inter-be (Gandavyuha Sutra): “I am linked, therefore I am” (K.J. Gergen). In effect, thinking is relational activity executed as covert-private verbalized/visualized speech. Usually unbeknownst, intentional or premeditated action (karma) arises non-independently, moves body/speech/mind, and could result in psychological malaise. Emotions around birth, aging, illness, and death are – like separation from loved ones, union with unloved ones, and not attaining goals – relational performances of affect: creative scenarios expressing socio-cultural meaning.

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Pan-Buddhist Teachings, Social Construction-ing, Psychology, Psychotherapy & Coaching To Know Self & Relate Wisely…

Confluencing Pan-Buddhist Teachings (Congruent with the Major Denominations), Social Construction-ing, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy (by Karma Transformation), and Lifestyle/Career/Leadership Coaching.

Relational Buddhism is a psychological approach to the Pan-Buddhist teachings (as basically acknowledged by the majority of Buddhists around the world) which views relationships, interpersonal (with others) and intrapersonal (with oneself), as the centerpiece of its daily practice.

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