Teaching in Myanmar; Self-Critical in a Different Culture

Need to catch up writing this blog… I was back at SSBU on Saturday and Sunday was my first meeting with my students with whom I now work on a personal level with the selfie form I showed in blog 6. This is a tool for Karma Transformation because it always contains a wholesome and rational self-instruction for intentional action as a conclusion of the thought change. The method could also be called “Buddhist Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy” or Coaching, if therapy sounds scary.

This Karma Self Analysis starts with a selfie or short video, which is an instance or AFFLICTING or activating event of Dukkha or emotiinal suffering that takes place in bodymind with consciousness and starts with sensing (Vedana= khandha or modality) and perceiving (Sanna= khandha) of the cause of emotional suffering which is our “thoughts [with which] we make the world” as in the Dhammapada. When we suffer we cater BELIEFS that are mostly poisonous by greed, hatred and ignorance, which in RE/CBT are irrational views and which Buddhists call (miccha) Ditthi that mostly proliferate (Papanca) resulting in a CONSEQUENCE which is unwanted:  depression, anxiety, anger, sadness or grief (called kilesas). Because there is no equivalent term in Pali or Sanskrit for emotion the Buddhist term for it is called mental fabrications or Samskara (=khandha).

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Why Do I use Difficult Words? The Miracle of Education

The visa will be ready after two days, so on Thursday at 3.30 pm… after checking out from the Silom Village Inn Hotel, I went with Oud to my next destination which is the MCU hotel in Wang Noi, Ayutthaya where we arrived quite late after being lost at another nearby campus with a similar name, and driving until three times back and forth the highway because the U turns were probably on a 25 km distance, so it was 10.30 pm when we finally arrived, quite tiring after the almost infinite congestions in a gloomy dark rainy evening… Next day I had to perform which is to be recorded on video… After an ok night sleep I could perform well in my estimation… my hosts and attenders were quite satisfied as well. I gathered from the feedback and from the pictures postings on Facebook on the MCU page (Maha Chulalongkorn University) and on the MCU IT pages, where the videos, before and after the lunch break can be found, that the reception of my seminar was highly rated… In fact I offered a rather condensed version of what I am offering in essence at Shan State Buddhist University in Myanmar which might include some shocking pictures for venerables…

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Teaching in Bangkok; International Buddhist Studies College

Now I am at last sitting in the airplane  after a 45 minute delay, taking off to Yangon to transit to Bangkok, to apply for new visa for my stay at Shan State Buddhist University, from a desolation breathing little airport called Heho where I was earlier before at arrival but two times last year as well. Anyway, this plane seems to be a brand new jet as opposed to last year’s propellor plane. I felt more safe this time amid turbulence… 

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Teaching in Myanmar: blog 4

Well, remembering what happenend the day before yesterday is easier without the jet lag impacting my functioning… I gave a lecture on Buddhist Psychopathology and a first part of Karma Transformation… Both is centred around the 3P as I call it, the three poisons as known in all brands of Buddhism, which are greed (almost leading to the world’s economic demise?), hatred (leading to extreme terrorism and the 3rd world war we are still in?) and ignorance (on how the mind works and the delusion that we as human beings are all seperate rather than the reality of inter-mind).

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Teaching Psychology in Budddhism in Myanmar

This is the 3rd blog on the past few days which went so quickly, I have to contemplate what happened… It is almost raining everyday here that the days seem to be all the same, anyway it is Monday morning now here and cloudy but dry. It is the rainy season now here whis is from June to September, four months, in a region that has three seasons a year. Today, I decided to skip my breakfast and take the opportunity to slim a bit by eating small portions of food and dishes I have to get used to their taste. No lecture to deliver today, so plenty of time to prepare my powerpoint for Bangkok on Sept 5, when I need to leave Myanmar to Thailand to renew visa as to be able to stay 36 days rather than the maximum of 28 days allowed for me as a tourist. I did progress yesterday and need to finalize the planned six hours with I guess a one hour break, so it will be performing five hours, ideally talking three, demonstrating one and discussing one.

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