One thought on “Relational Buddhism”

  1. If someone were to ask me if I am a Buddist, I’d have to say yes. And, with a side note, that once one trleuy becomes a Buddist, they realize that they are trleuy one with everything! To me all religions, all voices and all writings are teachings, expression of the human being working to evolve his/her potential. Buddism has a way of teaching that transcends and includes all other forms of religion. I was born Jewish. And, it wasn’t until after studying Buddism that I know have a heart to heart connection with Christ. One of my favorite quotes from Sogyal Rinpoche is: Be a Christian, practice Buddism! Buddism teaches a way of understanding mind and its potential separate from dogma or rituals. Its very easy step by step way. However, the rituals are nice to and help us to see the world from the inside-out, something the English language or any lanugauage has diffficulty doing.Thank you for the essential education link. I pray that all religions will find a path that can universally flow for all.

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