Buddhist Meditations

Eight Buddhist Meditations

Unlocking Buddha-nature implies a reliance on oneself in the interpersonal milieu. This proposition does not question the existence or non-existence of a god-head and rather focuses on self-development and “enlightenment”. This focus comprises “heartfulness” which is awareness on breathing, sensing, minding, dying, loving, compassing and smiling. Selected out of a pool of many more meditations, these eight heartful exercises are instructed in a series of CDs which deal with:

(1) Breathing refers to tranquilizing toward a calm mind as an anchor of meditative awareness.

(2) Sensing sharpens the doors of perception (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting) and awakens the mind’s eye, a sixth sense which enables seeing the inner objects of thinking mind, visualizations and verbalization.

(3) Mindfulness is about being aware of body and mind and their contents: any bodily felt sensation and emotion, and any appearing mind concept through speech/self-speech and self-talk.

(4) Dying is meant to eradicate the human fear of death and the body’s decomposing to find peace of mind in life.

(5) Loving-Kindness, (6) Empathic-Compassion, (7) Shared-Laughing and (8) Smiling-Contentment are pro-social exercises maintaining high spirits despite life’s backlashes…



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