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Dr G.T. Maurits Kwee on youtube:  Relational Buddhism & Psychotherapy by KarmaTransformation which aims at knowing-self-and-relating-wisely… Thanks to Ven Jnanamati Williams and Floor Nijman for recording.

The metamodel of Buddhist psychology/therapy and Karma Transformation is Relational Buddhism. What does it entail? We are born into culture and language made by Interbeing or Relational Being as it is called in Social Constructionism, a postmodern branch of social psychology. We are not only individual minds confined behind the eyeballs, we are also intermind which was before mind, an exponent of particular sociocultural communities…

The world still suffers from greed and hatred 2600 years post The Buddha, considering banking and terrorism… Invitation to watch my small talk on Affect (basic emotions underlying greed and hatred) as the centrepiece of the BASIC-I (skandhas of clinging), an acronym for Behaviour, Affect, Sensation, Imagery, Cognition and Interrelations (with self and others)…

Talk on Karma as intentional action which is cognitive-behavioural… but which goes deeper by involving the whole gamut of Buddhist psychology/therapy…

Anger is a difficult emotions to deal with. As a variant of hatred it is a poison determined by irrational musts and shoulds. It makes us boil from the inside…

Happy watching!

Masterclass Brochure (Downloads Available On Request)

Buddhism 4.0 

Buddhist Psychology

Psychotherapy by Karma Transformation

Mind & Heartfulness 

Buddha As Apollo

Borobodur Buddhism

Articles to download in PDF (updated June 2020):

On the Cutting Edge of Buddhist Education to Awaken – gtmkwee

The Skilful Art Of Heartfulness and Kindfulness In Relational Buddhism

Buddhist Heartfulness Beyond Western Mindfulness PDF

Relational Buddhism: Wedding K.J.Gergen’s Relational Being and Buddhism to Create Harmony In-Between-Selves

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